Our product solutions for Outdoor Gyms include resistance training, calisthenics ideal for a full body workout inclusive of all the categories of fitness: Warm and stretching; Balance and flexibility, Cardio, Core strength, Upper and Lower body strength.

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outdoor gyms

Balance Beam

Butterfly Machine1

Chest and Back massager

Kids Horse Rider

Leg Lift

Mountain Climber

Pull Chair

Push Up Bars

Waist Movement & Stepper 1

2 Pedal Trainer

3 person combo

4 Person Twist Station 1

2 Pedal Trainer

Bicycle 1

Butterfly Machine1

Double Rowing Machine

Double Ski

Double Wab Board

Elliptical Cross Trainer

Frog Kick

Handicap Arm Extension

Handicap Arm Raising & Butterfly

Handicap Leg Trainer

Handicap Push & Pull

Horse Rider 2

Kids Bicycle

Kids Double Seated Chest Press

Kids Double Seated Leg Press

Kids Elliptical Trainer

Leg Extension

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